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Akrotiri, Red Beach and Oia

Akrotiri, Red Beach and Oia

5 h. tour (Private tour)

(Transportation + guidance all the way + guided tour of Akrotiri + photo stop at Red Beach + tour of Oia)

The tour will start with a drive to the archaeological site of Akrotiri where you will board your guided tour and you will explore the ruins of the Minoan Bronze Age settlement, which was destroyed in a volcanic eruption and covered in ash, thus preserving the remains of several objects and artworks. The duration of the tour is approximately 60 minutes, but is at your discretion to make it last as long as you need. The site is covered by a large canopy, so you will be under the shade.

After a short drive near the famous Red Beach for photographs from a distance, you will drive to the village of Oia. Walk along its narrow streets which typify the white-painted houses of the Cyclades. In many cases they are built directly into niches which are cave houses used by crew of the ships, on the lip of the volcanic crater, between which are narrow alleys and blue-roofed churches with cupolas and neoclassical mansions that used to be captain’s houses in the 19th century. From there you will admire the magnificent view of the Volcano and Caldera, have coffee and taste traditional Greek pastry and then get back to Fira in time to get on board your ship.

Kindly note that due to rock falling some times the visit at the Red Beach is prohibited by the local authorities. In such a case we will visit the picturesque traditional village of Megalochori.
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