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Are any of the Greek ports part of your cruise in the Meditteranean? If so, we offer a variety of shore excursions, both joined and private, for you to experience the many beauties Greece has to offer to its visitors, always with a local. Please select from below what type of a shore excursion you would prefer.

With the popularity of cruises rising every year, some of the cruise ports welcome thousands of people at the same time. Since you will only be spending a few hours at each port, booking a private tour is the best way to ensure that you will see and experience as many places and things as possible, always on your own pace. Your itinerary will be flexible and we will be able to customize it further to your preferences, even that day. Private tours allow you to ask as many questions as you may have and give you a more complete inside point of view and idea, about everything that interests you. This is the best way to meet local people with great knowledge of ancient and current way of living. In order to experience a place as a traveler and not as a tourist, you should be away from the big crowds. Have someone like your guide offer you suggestions on where to eat the best food or what is the best spot to capture a "unique" photo that will stand out so much among the rest you have taken from the whole trip. Arranging a private tour is not always an expensive way to travel, but it's always the best way to contribute to the local economy and to get a lifetime's investment along with your friends and family through all the unique memories you will take back home with you. Booking a tour with us, you are never on your own!

Traveling around the world on a cruise ship is becoming more and more popular every year. Some of the cruise ports are welcoming several more and larger ships than what they used to. Therefore loads of buses have to take the visitors to various destinations. After many years of experience working with cruise ship passengers and tours that were organized by different travel companies, we realized that the "real" travelers needed something more. That is what inspired us into designing semi-private joined tours at the most popular ports of Greece. Our semi-private tours are for maximum 25 people per tour guide, usually even less, since we think that what can really differentiate your experience is a more personal approach and a tour group that moves around easier and can stop in smaller but important spots in the archaeological sites and the museums. Don't miss the opportunity to join one of our shore excursions and have an unforgettable experience, which at the same time is a real value for money option and a way to contribute to the local economy.