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Nafplion to Epidaurus

Nafplion to Epidaurus

3 h. tour (Private tour)

(transportation + local guidance at Epidaurus + free time)

You will be met by your driver at the port, where you will get off the tender boats. With your private vehicle you will depart from the beautiful city of Nafplion and you will be driven for about 30 minutes to the spiritual sanctuary of Asclepius, passing through the lush valley of Argolis with its many olive groves, lemon and orange trees. Once there you will be met by your officially licensed tour guide and you will board a one and a half hour private guided tour through the ancient site of Epidaurus and the spectacular ancient theater with the most famous acoustics in the world.

Epidaurus is one of the sites that has been totally knocked down by invasions and earthquakes throughout the years but there is a very big project of restorations going on right now and that will help you a lot imagine and realize what most buildings used to be like.

Among other things you will see the ancient stadium, the remainings of the ancient gymnasium and restaurant, the remainings of the temple of Artemis, as well as the very impressive tholos, a round building with a labyrinth still existing in its basement. Partly restored and very impressive stands out the Avaton, a long rectangular building where the patients had to spend their first night and the god would come to their dreams.

You will also see the famous theater of Epidaurus. Climb up the steps with your guide and reach the absolutely impressive theater which still stands there after 2400 years, almost intact.

At the end of your guided tour you will be given some free time to walk up and down the theater or to stand in the center of the orchestra test the acoustics yourself. During your free time you can also go for a quick walk through the tiny museum.

As soon as you meet your driver back at the parking area, you will be offered the drive back to Nafplion and either you can get back to your ship, or if time allows it you can enjoy walking around the old city.