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Monemvasia to Elafonisos

Monemvasia to Elafonisos

6 h. tour (Private tour)

(transportation + visit Elafonisos + stop for a swim at Simos beach + optionally snorkling at Pavlopetri)

This tour is ideal for those that would like an "off the beaten track" experience.

Departing the beautiful port of Monemvasia, you will enjoy a drive of approximately one hour until you reach the port of Pounta and enjoy an approximately 10 minutes ferry ride to visit the beautiful island of Elafonisos that is located nearby. Once you get off the ferry you will find yourself in the charming fishing village of Elafonisos, where you will find several cafeterias and fish tavernas with tables right next to the water. You can have a short stop in the village either before or after visiting the beach. Then you will drive to the southeast part of the island and visit one of the most beautiful and famous beaches in the world, Simos beach. The combination of turquoise waters, sand dunes, and unique flora create a unique atmosphere. You will have a chance to unwind, swim and relax at this family friendly beach. Children can swim and splash in clear, shallow water with a sandy floor. At both beaches in Simos there are sunbeds and umbrellas and you can enjoy snacks and drinks right there.

After enjoying your beach getaway, you will return back to the Peloponnese. As you get off the ferry at Pounta port, nearby to the east lies the sunken village of Pavlopetri, dating back to 3000 BC. The most adventurous of you can optionally extend the tour's duration to enjoy a snorkling experience to explore the underwater ancient village. Pavlopetri was incredibly well designed with roads, two-storey houses with gardens, temples, a cemetery, and a complex water management system including channels and water pipes. In the centre of the village was a square or plaza measuring about 40x20 meters and most of the buildings have been found with up to 12 rooms inside. The design of this village surpasses the design of many cities today. Who knows what else remains to be found and to surprise us in the future since the excavations remain to be continued and one of the big dreams of many archaeologists and local people is to create in the future an underwater museum for people to be able to visit.

In case you are visiting the area in early spring or late autumn and you wouldn't like to swim in waters that might be cold, alternatively we can arrange for you a private mini cruise with captain Michalis and his wooden boat who can take you all around Elafonisos and Pavlopetri and even give some of you the chance to dive from his boat and snorkel above Pavlopetri.

Your tour will end back to the port of Monemvasia.

Announcement regarding Covid-19

We understand now that the coronavirus outbreak is affecting all nations worldwide and we hope that you and your family are safe and that life will return back to normal soon.

We know that you are looking forward to travel and enjoy your vacation in a safe environment for you and your family. The Greek government has taken measures earlier than any other European country and the rate of the spreading of the virus now is very low, estimated for the outbreak to end in the next month and the restrictive measures to be lifted. We all work together to get through this crisis the sooner possible and be able to welcome you again in the near future.

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