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Surrounded by the teal waters of the Aegean Sea, vast, imposing, Monemvasia is an iceberg-like slab of rock, with sheer cliffs rising hundreds of metres from the sea, linked to the mainland by a single, highly defendable causeway. Monemvasia, the only still inhabited archaeological site in Greece, is a traditional medieval town inside a Venetian castle. Castles, walls, old mansions, narrow cobbled lanes, churches, low arches and vaults, coats of arms, imperial marble thrones, Byzantine icons, all give the impression of a town untouched by time.

If Monemvasia is in your cruise ship's itinerary, here you will find shore excursions to explore not only the magnificent Monemvasia, but also visit nearby places of interest.

Monemvasia to Mystras

Monemvasia to Mystras

6 h. tour (Private tour)

(transportation + guided tour of Mystras castletown + short stop in Sparta + optionally stop for lunch or dinner at Mystras modern village)

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